I'm trying to put together a recording setup that I would be able to record locals for money with, so it needs to be good quality, but at the same time I'm going to be mostly just helping people out making demos as well as using it to produce my own music. I don't have alot of money to spend so I'm going to have to put this set up together over time. I'm going to use the computer I'm using right now, so my question is what should be my next investment. an actual recording program instead of audacity? an actual mic instead of my cheapo? an interface?
Everything really, people won't pay you unless you have something half descent.
I understand that, I wasn't expecting to actually start recording for money yet, I'm trying to piece it together one (or a few) pieces at a time though because I can still use what I'm buying for my own shit. I just want to know what would be the most beneficial to buy first
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Interface first for sure.

What are you planning to do exactly?
Planning to record live drums?
You'll need a minimum or 4 in's then(oh's, kick, snare)

Go check out reaper too, best program i've used(i've used PT LE, Nuendo/Cubase)

Interface should be your first concern.
What is your budget?

Everything really, I make anything from Rap to metal, to acoustic, to punk.
Eventually I would like to record live drums, but as for my initial interface I'd rather not spend the money on something that has 4 inputs when I wouldn't be using all 4 inputs for a while. I'd rather get something that I would be able to plug a mixer into for the drums if thats at all possible.

as far as budget for the actual interface, I'd say around 150 at the moment.
Well now if the time to start reading up on everything and anything you can get your hands on.
Go download reaper now and become familiar with its features and see if you like it.
As an alternative to real drums you could program with a program like Drummer From Hell Or Superior Drummer.
www.myspace.com/animalsasleaders < there album is all programmed drums (i think DFH or Superior Drummer, not sure which one anymore)
But programs like that cost abit of dosh, although there are other ways to "acquire" them.

Would you be willing to go used?
Also, saving abit more would help alot.
Best to buy something decent now then upgrade to something again soon.

Be prepared to do alot of saving, starting a studio involves alot of dosh!
Save up for an 8 channel interface, if you have a mixer already, sell it, theres no use for one here, sure you can plug 8 ins, but if you've only got two actual inputs on your computer and your putting all your drum tracks into two mono tracks in a sequencer then your mixing opportunities are drastically reduced and essentially crippled.