I want to change the tuning in my godin from E standar to D standard, I guess I will buy some 10's or 11's because people say that 9's are too light for that tuning.
Will the guitar need truss rod adjustment?
Just tune to it using what gauge you currently have and see if you develop any problems, if you don't then your fine, if you do then make the adjustments, don't just assume that by dropping one step in tuning that your going to have to change your string gauge and make all these adjustments. I jump tunings all the time and hardly ever have to make intonation adjustments.
if you don't have to adjust intonation or your truss rod thatd be weird. never seen that happen on a guitar after changing tuning. i dont know what kind of guitar you have, but if you're using something with a 24 3/4 scale id try .11-.52. if its longer, i'd try a the next set before that. if you like the feel of te strings really floppy then cool. i know some people that play like that. just have to be more accurate with your fretting so that you don't bend strings when playing chords.
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