(first pic here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reel-to-reel_audio_tape_recording)

It's a Sony TC-630, a professional reel to reel tape recorder. many professional recording studios still use reel to reel, and it in fact sounds better (depending on the quality, of course) than most digital equipment. Notice the ECHO picture at the bottom? tape echo? so stop ****ing around thinking that the only music gear that exists has to be either brand new or an instrument. it sounds amazing, and the echo is phenominal.

$5 from the tip shop with a few other reel to reels and loads of tapes.



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I wondered why that got closed, I was excited to hear what it was, as it was obviously SOME kind of reel-to-reel piece of musical equipment. Happy New Gear Day! Use her well.
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All new gear products go in the holiday gear thread sticky... Im guessing thats why it was closed...
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