ok, so after buying garry's mod, tf2 and CS:S with my prepaid gift card, i have $2.51 left on it, and i want to spend it on either Day of Defeat: Source or Braid.

so, which should I get pit? I've tried the demo of Braid and it's pretty alright, and I've heard DoD:S is like TF2 and CS:S put together, which also seem pretty good to me.
I prefer TF2 to CSS, due to the fact that I like Re-spawning. As for GMOD, with TF2, you only get the models and levels that come with TF2, but with CSS you can get the weapon SWEPS and the models and levels. Depends what you are interested in.
TF2+ GMod - Fun awesome game but only models and levels with Gmod.
CSS+ GMod - Fun, but infuriating game but comes with SWEPS, levels and Models with Gmod.