Alright I'm looking at a budget of up to ~$1300. I play metal/hardcore/progressive for my band, but of course like most guitarists I desire as much versatility as possible.

For the higher-tier guitars of the two brands, which are the best for the buck, considering I'm MAINLY a rhythm player, but still want a good lead option open. Just throw any ideas at me.

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Make sure it's japan made (or korean if you have to)
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Depends most Ibanez you'll come across with that budget will no doubt have a thin neck. ESP on the other hand I've found to be sort of more stratty like with regards to the carve, just sits in the palm of your hand quite nicely. So it pretty much depends on how you like your necks, either way the Ibanez Prestige and ESP Standard Series stuff are both good shit.

If your budget's that I'd highly recommend you check out the ESP Horizon it's one of my all time favourite guitars that ESP produce and it comes in a variety of formats whether if you want a T.O.M bridge or if you want a Floyd Rose or if you want an Ash body or a Mahogany body.
ESP all the way man, to many reasons why its better then Ibanez...Just get yourself an ESP man lol.
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