what kind of metal? you can get some pretty some good classic metal (maiden, sabbath, judas priest, etc.) tones out of it, but don't expect to get any kind of megadeth, metallica, necrophagist, etc. extreme gain tones out of it.
Well I'm sure you could beef one up with the right pedals, but IMO you can find a much better amp for the price that would suit you better.

What genres do you play?
Nearest major city?


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I wouldn't buy it for metal. Like Shinysides said, it might do some classic stuff like Sabbath well but that's about it.

When gainy/cranked it's drive has fuzz-like qualitys and even with a boost wouldn't sound very tight, unless your into Slipknot kinda tones.
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With mid- to high-output pickups (see: my guitars) and a nice overdrive (I was using a Tubescreamer with the drive and level maxed), you can actually get a usable metal tone. It's more suited towards rhythm though - I had no issues with the chugga chugga but leads were lacking a little bit. The tone was dark and crunchy so if you're into that, go for it.
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