new year's resolution:

hear of something,
pretend it's nothing.

fix your boot straps
with masking tape,
scribbled over and
labeled to say,
"pull here."
make your girlfriend
another mixtape,
and apologize for
all those afternoons
you were too stoned to call her.
act like you cared,
accept that you didn't.
admit that you don't.

admiring curb cracks
and tire treads,
resting my legs on the tar.
whistling always,
and settling up with
the sun and the moon,
wasting away with
all that nothing to do.

"i'd like to fall in love this year."

i'd like a lobotomy, please.
i'd like my brain in a jar,
and my soul in a box,
and my heart in hand,
so i can blame something
for all this suffering,
this walking around
and throwing empty packs
of cigarettes out half-rolled,
car windows and watching
for seconds as they bounce
down the highway, until
it gets too cold and i start shake.

i'd like to know what i am,
and then sell it all for pennies on the dollar.

new year's resolution:

start again.
this is really ****ing good.

and that's completely unexpected, considering that you'll read one good piece out of every thirty threads on any given forum dedicated to writing.

very nice work.
i'd like a lobotomy, please.

new year's resolution:

start again.
Didn't like these two things; first was unnecessarily large and second was cliche. Everything else is as poised and lovely as ever.
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it's official, vintage x metal is the saving grace of this board and/or the antichrist

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& alaskan_ninja

My favorite of all the pieces I've read from you. This is extremely well written. I liked the text-size changes, although I agree with vintage_x_metal that the last two lines were a bit cliche.
Quote by NGD1313

fix your boot straps
with masking tape,
scribbled over and
labeled to say,
"pull here."

This was my favourite part, really liked the image it gave me.

The rest was good and there were a few other parts which were great("admiring curb cracks" and the part about throwing cigarettes out of the window and watching them bounce)

I wasn't so crazy about the formatting though.