i wrote this a while back for my band, it's a pretty lousy recording in my opinion, the timing is off in a few spots, and to my ear it sounds too happy to be deathcore
everyone says it only sounds like that because i wrote it, let me know what you think? i'll c4c

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I think it would be a nice recording but someone OVERCOMPRESSED it like no other just to make it comparably loud as professional recordings. And the kick is nice and pronounced...but too much entirely!

Was that an 808 boom I heard?

Cut some of the lows out of the kick. It will keep its attack, but will allow you unmuddy the low end and not be overcompressed.

The guitar sounds alright. A bit trebly... but in this recording it needs to be to even be heard lol.

The song itself is really nice, don't worry about being "too happy for deathcore". The riffs are nice, the structure is nice. Your writing is really mature and has nice flow.
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It's an alright song. Nothing over the top, nothing horrible.

The recording however. OH LAWD. As the previous poster said, waaaaaaay too compressed, the kick is way too loud and the guitars are really quiet. There's parts I can't make out due to the volume of the kick. Nice beatdowns, flows pretty well.
as said before, the kick is way too loud. Also the mix isnt that compressed. The song is very cool, reminds me of something from oceano. I would say its very deathcore. the synth at the end almost made me laugh but its very cool. Really solid song man. If you ever have the chance LOWER THAT KICK. besides that solid song man.
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