I'm building a hard tail guitar with poplar body, maple cap, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. I want it to have master vol/tone, Big D Varitone control, a P90 in the bridge, and a humbucker in the neck. The P90 I have in mind is the GFS Mean 90. I want a humbucker that can do blues, blues/classic rock (Led Zeppelin, The Who, etc.) but is also smooth enough to do Vai (but not necessarily as high gain). I was looking at the Dimarzio Breed Neck, though I'm open to other suggestions (hence this thread). Thanks!


Also: As a side question, how much of a difference is there between humbucker sized P90s and regular P90s?
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I'm in a similar boat, the mean 90s look pretty sweet. There was a guy on Youtube with GFS vintage 59 in the bridge and the mean 90 in the neck, sounds pretty good in my opinion.. Let me know what you end up doing THanks.