Hey there,I've starting playing bass afew days ago and I've managed to cover simple songs like poker face and the great escape (lol),etc.
So does any one have any tips on how to reach a higher level of playing?
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practice your ass off.
the more you play, the better you will get.

This !!!!!!!
Try alot of AC/DC, that´ll help your timing.
Getting a teacher is probably the best thing you can do. If you can't do that, get a good book. Practice practice practice and most of all, have fun with it!

oh, and welcome to the low end, the wonderful world of bass!
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Yea I know you can never improve w/o practicing ;P
But it's there any specific routine or songs I could practice on?
Sorry if I ask too much
Quote by toshiro umezewa
practice your ass off.
the more you play, the better you will get.

Another +1 for this. But make sure to challenge yourself alot in order to improve

But make sure you're having fun xD
yeah really i agree with them, practice does help alot. start off learning songs that are simple and then slowly start learning harder songs, and if you push yourself to learn the harder songs and dont give up then you'l be surprised how better you actually become. but yeah jst practice things until you get them perfect like dont skip over simple things cause in the long run you may become a sloppy player
Get a goal. Where you want to be in the next 2-5 years playing bass.
I don't know what I'm doing, but I still do it anyway...

Just for the lulz.
First, buy a metronome and use it. Nothing will increase speed, accuracy and fluidity like practicing with a metronome. Second, practice chromatic exercises and vary them constantly. Keep you fingers guessing. This builds up dexterity, strength and muscle memory. Third, practice scales. Major, minor, augmented, diminished, pentatonic major and minor, harmonic and melodic minor and whole tone should be more than enough to keep you busy for a long time. Practice the scales in different positions up and down the fretboard. Fourth, practice chords. Once you get the primary shapes down, start learning chord inversions. Fifth, play with other people. Nothing improves your musical ability like playing with other people. If you have no one to play with, get a looper with jam tracks or just get some jam tracks or a drum machine to play along with.

Do these things and you will astonish yourself with your progress and newfound abilities. Best of luck.
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You need to practice every day. You will become better with the time.

Start with very simple music.

Those responses help with beginner bass players as well. I'd also add that you should keep a practice journal or record your self on occasion. It helps to track your progress and see what you still need to work on.

A teacher can help as Tositos has said. If you can't afford a teacher get a good book like "Hal Leonards Bass Method I - III". Also even if you are self taught, try to get some time with a pro or go to a workshop. Getting your playing evaluated by someone else and their constructive criticism is valuable.

When you feel somewhat confident, try to find some people to jam with. Playing with others will push your playing forward and help you internalize your role as a bass player in a musical situation. PLus, its fun as hell.

Welcome to the forums and the world of bass!
Thanks for the responses and greetings guys
and btw i'm playing with my friends in a band :P
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Hey there,I've starting playing bass afew days ago and I've managed to cover simple songs like poker face and the great escape (lol),etc.
So does any one have any tips on how to reach a higher level of playing?

Im glad you have decided to play bass! Bass is one of the funnest instruments out there! ive ben playing bass for 7 years, And it never gets old. I love it

Basic tips:
For faster songs id try playing it with a pick. That will get you used to plucking the string faster for much faster songs.

Turn your amp up! if you do this you can here your mistakes easier and fix them. Dont be afraid to rock out loud on your amp.

Practice 247 non stop. As soon as you finish your school work PLAY THE BASS You will master it!

Stick to it bro i know you can do it

Peace out bro
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I say learn to read sheet music, as in bass clef(and treble if you want it helps). That helped me out a lot with the understanding of music. Tabs are great and all, but it helps to know where an Eb is on your fretboard :P Also, most tabs don't have timing, and sheet music does. As said, you need A SHITLOAD OF PRACTICE!!!!(connord12 anyone?? hahaha). Try learning some beginner songs first, and that'll get you better of course. There's a thread on songs for beginners and all levels I believe...
This might sound stupid, but once you get a little better, look up Anesthesia-Pulling Teeth by Cliff Burton(metallica). It's his bass solo, and it's really really fun to play, but beside that I feel like it's helped my finger dexterity and speed a lot, and it exercises your 3rd finger too, so that's always a plus.
If you are planning on teaching yourself, I found that being alone in the house helps a lot. Crank your amp to 11, turn the bass up,(distortion is fun too!) and just start jamming with yourself! Sure, it might sounds like a troll is taking a shit in your ears at first, but with time it'll improve, and it's a hell of a lot of fun!! Especially when your gf stops by and looks at you like you're retarded...
anyways have fun, and welcome to the orgasmic and bonerific world of the bass guitar!! Have fun!!
set achievable goals.I only aimed to play NFG and Blink stuff and a bit of ash and went from there and started on Metallica after 7 months im starting to play a bit more technical stuff learning almost easy by A7x which is a big change from what i had started on.

Mainly cause i kept setting goals i felt were achievable.
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Practice, a teacher, practice, a good book, practice, Cover a few songs, practice, practice, and I know I'm forgetting something.....

oh yes, practice!
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On playing bass.
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There's some good responses of what to do (most of it can be summed up into practise) however one thing I've noticed missing is technique, technique, technique. Learn good technique and learn it well. Once you have a technical command of your instrument the possibilities become so much more and people often forget that. Learning songs is one thing, but take some time to do proper technique practise.
practice playing music you enjoy playing and, if you eventually want to perform, practice music you want to perform.
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Something I kind of learned as I progressed is to always try and look at your playing objectively. Like try to pay attention to the small differences between what you're playing and how you think it should sound, tone and rhythm wise. And always work on tidying up your playing, no matter how easy or slow the track is, I think its more beneficial to your ability as a bassist than rushing to learn faster songs.
Find a drummer and a guitarist to jam with, either around your skill level or willing to help out a beginner. Working within can be a really good way to build up your skills.

Dont worry about getting ready for gigs or anything too serious, just work out what your doing within the band and what you want to be doing.