i recently did a gig and my gear got thrown around a bit. whenever i don't touch a metal part on my bass i get this terrible hum. now the first thing i tought of was that it was a ground problem so i did some measurements with my multimeter, my cable's ok, as is my bass (there's a good connection between the ground and my strings) and the connection between the ground at the input plug and the ground at the ac wall plug is also ok.

now i don't have a clue as to what could be the problem :-(
That's odd.

Can you get ground problems in your amp?
Maybe its a ground loop in your power sockets?

Did you pull the input plug out and check if the ground came off or not?
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Anyone else read it as Cum Humming?

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i found the culprit, it's the fluorescent lighting (i moved my amp into another corner of the room)