Hi folks.
I'm gonna be completly rewiring my vintage pretty soon.
I want it to have 2 volume's 1 tone with a coil tap push pull, and in the other tone spot i'd like to have a mini switch for a killswitch (would a 6 pin on/off switch work for that?)

Now i'd like to know how to wire all this up, i got a diagram from Seymour duncan already, but where would the killswitch go?

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This thread will probably be of help to you during this project. On the first post there is a description of the ways you can wire a killswitch (yes, there are multiple ways of doing it). The most common way, I believe, would be to put it in after the tone pot on that diagram.

EDIT: Actually, Koshman32's post makes more sense (even though it would be the same thing).
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Would it not go before the output jack? Kill you're end signal before leaving the guitar
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I can't tell from that page what type of switch it is (looks like either SPDT or DPDT), but either way, it should work. If it's a DPDT, you might want to get an SPDT instead, though, as that type of switch is more suited to your purposes. Have a read through that thread I linked to, all your questions could probably be answered there.