I've just been given the Fender t-bucket 200 acoustic guitar for Christmas which I adore. My only question is that I have tuned the guitar but the high E string has noticeably less tension than the other strings. On my other guitars ( electric and electro-acoustic) all the strings seem to have equal tension. I can't see any obvious reason for this. Just wondered if this was common with acoustic guitars or if there is something I should do to rectify it?

Thank you.

Is it tuned an octave too low?
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Thank you. I'd wondered about that. Sounds ok - the string just 'wobbles'. I have an electronic tuner and it says it's in tune. Would it still do so if it was an octive too low? I'm bit apprehensive of tightening it too much and the string breaking - but I guess if I do it with caution it should be ok. I wasn't sure if it was just a trait of some acoustics, or something to do with set-up - I'm still very much a beginner in terms of my knowledge of guitars.
Thank you. Will do. My electro-acoustic is strung with similar weight strings, so as you say - should feel the same.
you also want to make sure they have the same scale length since that affects string tension.
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