I just bought an xbox 360 today, and when I got home and opened it, I found out the little flap that covers the usb is broken. I removed the faceplate and found out that the little metal part that holds the usb cover was snapped off, before I got it, and that the spring that makes it spring back was not there.

I'm just wondering what should I do/who to contact, do I take it back to the shop where I got it or send it to microsoft? there aren't any nearby shops that sell replacement faceplates so I can't just get a new one.

I guess I could just do nothing but that little hole is really annoying and probably useful in the long run (dust cover)

P.S. The console is the Pro Model 60GB Gow edition, and I bought it from Dick smith

P.P.S. If i need to sent it off/get it replaced what do I do with the hard drive?

/xbox noob

INB4: No Xbox sucks/Playstation is better or Gaming thread (its not not about a game or the console itself.
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If you got it new, return it. If you bought it used, it doesn't really matter.
call xbox help desk.
(whats the worst that could happen)
Either return it, or just don't bother?

Mine broke on my old 360 but I didn't really care, but shortly after (nothing to do with it though) it RROD-ed on me, so when I sent it to get "repaired" they sent me a whole new 360!
& if you do have to send it off, keep the hard drive! & also remember to take any game out first, I forgot to do that, but luckily they sent it back too
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