Me and a friend of mine are looking to buy some recording stuff for the first time, and I'm wondering what kind of brands/products/etc... would be good, and what sort of prices this stuff comes at?

I'm not looking for anything top-notch. I just need some cheaper equipment that doesn't sound absolutely terrible. Thanks.
Here is a Pro Tools LE rig for $500 with mic included. A few pieces here and there like mic stand cables headphones and/or monitors pop filter. so my guesstimate is around $700 depending on what accessories you get with it.
Your problem sounds like latency. And you can adjust buffer sizes so on and so forth. Just make sure your pc is compatible before you buy. vista 32 or less is cool. Also you should get a mbox2, not the mini, you'd be wasting your time. I just got one and put together some stuff you can listen to it if you would like but im not telling you to for my gain, just as an idea of what you can make and or do. Check out pt 8 le it has everything you will need for a long time.
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