So i had this Jackson RX10D in a nice black color, but i found it boring. I made the pinstripes myself, its the first time i did anything like this and im not unhappy about the result. What do you think?

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Nice. There's a few uneven spots, but that's no big deal. I'd personally suggest adding a 2nd one, just because I'm used to the RR5 having doubles and the RR24 having them on the bevels. Do one in a lighter shade of blue, that'd look pretty cool.
Thanks for to positive comments its my first time doing this and i saw some uneven spots (under the bridge) but it was very hard to get it right
is it actually paint or just blue tape? I cant tell either way :P
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jep its black leaning towards the grey collour

Oh ok!

It's just that I'm planning on getting some Dimarzios for my RG.
A bit messy but looks good anyways. I actually used the same stuff on my rg
The DiMarzio D-Sonic is great..and i used tape to do it as it was my first time doing something like this and tape is easier to remove then paint :P
once you actually paint it, use like a neon blue for even more contrast

also, i agree with scow about the sexiness of the color combo
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