Okay so my wife and parents go in together and buy me a shiny new JSX with matching cab for Christmas...I'm as excited as a schoolboy with anticipation to try em out. So I turn it on, and it plays...albeit sounding terrible (reason for that soon to be told), for all of 2 minutes...then dies on me.

After reading up on some other forums, I guessed it was one of 2 things...bad power tube, or blew a fuse ....because it turned out the guitar I was using (an 82 strat) had a bad jack. Of all the guitars to try it with, it had to be THAT one. So anyway...I replace the fuse, and eureka! It fires up without a problem. (Thank God I still have that warranty...) Of course I switch to a different guitar (Parker Fly) to try it out this time, and the buzzing and such due to the bad jack are gone.

However...now it just sounds...well, kind of muddy. I don't know how to describe it. The Clean channel is still pretty nice. Rings out clearly and chords flow well together. The Crunch channel is halfway decent, but sounds muddy, especially when playing any kind of chord. The strings just kind of bleed together. Harmonics are not clear at all. The Ultra channel is even more dirty, even at lower gain settings, and is nigh on unusable because the sound is terrible. And if you even remotely try to throw any kind of effect on any channel other than the Clean, (I tried my Saturator and Crybaby on it then gave up) then forget about it...it's just ugly. The Satchurator just caused it to clump together with more gain, and the Crybaby...well just trust me it wasn't great.

As far as I can tell, there is no power issue anymore. It fires up and stays on steadily. However every once in a while I get a little bit of "bump" (like you unplugged the guitar, that kind of sound but not as loud), every now and then. The only other tube amp I've ever owned was an old AC-30 and I just assume that's kind of a tube amp thing. But yeah, my guess is Satch would not put his name on something that sounded like this when it worked correctly.

What the heck is going on with my amp???

It's worth mentioning that I'm a guitar junkie, not an amp junkie ...hence my need to post here. So forgive my ignorance. Any advice would be great...thanks!!!
Try fiddling with the knobs a bit more first of all, this amp is fairly different from your old AC30 so the settings you used then may not work at all for this amp.

Other than that you can try moving around the preamp tubes a bit. V1 tends to take the most punishment so if you switch that one with V3 you might get an increase in soundquality. If this does indeed help, I'd recommend replacing the preamp tubes.

How loud did you play it? A lot of mud tends to disappear when you turn the amp up a bit.
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you have a bad power tube, don`t power it on again until you`ve replaced it, you can do more damage to the amp. you can`t just replace a fuse you need to find what caused the fuse to blow.
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