So I am looking to possibly sell or trade all my pedals in and getting a multi effects pedal. I'm not all too familiar with these sinc ei am typically a single stomp kind of guy but its jst getting too much to lug around and my signal is getting degraded with all the pedals in the chain. Here's what I'm working with now. Gibson SG into a Boss noise suppressor:Boss Tuner:homemade clean pedalOD flange:MXR Phase 90:Mark Tremonti Wah: Boss DD6: Boss Chorus:BOss EQ:Ibanez TS-9 to a Marshall JCM800 50 watt single channel.

Now I plan to keep the TS-9 since I modded it to my liking and the clean pedal I built myself so i wont get rid of those but since I don't necesarily use all my other effects that often in playing live( here and there in parts of songs) and I'm starting to find hauling them around to be a bit of a pain. What I am looking for is a nice multi effects pedal board that can get me a wah, chorus, flange, delay, phase, a tuner and a noise suppressor with generally ease of use. I know a lot of the multi pedals now have all these amp modeling effects and really iIm not that interested in that since I love the way my amp rig sounds but if it has it its not a deal breaker.

So does anyone have any suggestions as to whats a good unit? I would like to stay under $500 for it and brand isnt really a big deal although I have never been a big fan of line6 gear but maybe someone can make me change my mind. Thanks for any help or advice you have.

Edit: These are from what ive heard MUCH MUCH better than other Line6 products when it comes to bypass signal... You stated that you didn't like Line6, but you also stated you might change your mind. Also, Line6 have some great products (toneports, vetta, flextone, m-series), but as we all know... they also make the m057 8R3W74Lzz amp evvur...
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don`t sell your stompboxes in lieu of a modelling processor.......to me that`s downgrading your tone
A Boss MFX will sound closest to more of your current pedals, but the most respected MFX pedal seems to be the Line 6 POD Live. I'm a GNX4 guy, but that's a trade-off of audio quality for all the features like built-in recording to USB or standalone 2GB compact flash, MIDI drums, MP3 player, etc.
I had a boss Gt-8 and never used it, I never really got the hang of it. I sold it after a year and bought stompboxes instead

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Get a board to put them on so you can haul them around much easier. That will be better for you tone.


I'm planning on buying a pedal case/board, just a cheap stagg one though

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How's that JCM800?

It was doing great but my obsessive compulsion kicked in and i am going thru and checking all my wiring and solder joints and making sure its nice and neat and good. plus i'm really contemplating putting in a fx loop to help with my current situation.

I do have a custom built board for all my pedals but its a bit heavy so its not that hard i guess to carry them all around, but my real concern is that they arent all tru bypass and I dont use them all that much in a lot of songs. I might use like the phase for an intro to one song, or a wha for one solo, or a chorus or delay for another part of a different song. I figured if i had something that could give me those sounds for the brief moments i do use them and still allowing to be true bypass so Im not muddying up the signal when not engaged then i would be happy with that.

In theory what i would love to have is all the guts of pedals wired together in one big board that was all true bypass so i could witch them on and off when needed.

Like i said i'm not a big fan of modeling pedals, especially the amp modeling ones but if there was one on the market that got close to sounding like the real pedals then I would definitely check it out.

Sounds like we have a case of CasinoEpiphone. Effects pedals don't muddy up your signal. True Bypass is not highly important, only bad bypass is important to avoid and get rid of, or around with a true bypass loop.

Look up the Carl Martin OctaSwitch. It sounds like thats what you're after...

As I said, M9, M13 or TC-E G System are all quite remarkable, and are the best multi-fx pedals out there.