So I'm saving up for new guitar, don't have the money yet, but i cant make a desicion.
I'm thinking abou an Epiphone Dot and i want to ask if anyone can tell me whats the big difference between Dot and Dot Studio?

I would play mostly everything, from pop or whatever to some hard rock, but NO METAL.

So can anyone help? pretty please ^.^
The studio is made from mahogany, the dot is maple. The dot will also have some nicer aesthetic touches- binding and stuff like that, whereas the studio has that ugly faded thing that Gibson seems to put on everything.

They both have maple necks and humbuckers.

There you go.
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Thatnks that helped. a bit.

But what about the sound? has anyone played them both and can compare?
The Dot and Dot Studio sound nigh-on the same, beyond the Dot Studio has simpler controls and so if you like to play with a guitar's volume and tone controls a lot, you may find the Dot Studio more limited as its controls are merely a master volume and master tone rather than a volume and tone for each pickup.

Also, the Dot Studio has no inlays on the fretboard - bear this in mind as some people find it awkward to play without fretboard inlays. It actually doesn't take long to get used to (in fact I personally prefer it), but it's not for everyone.

Last, the Dot Studio has a satin finish (which is also slightly thinner) while the reuglar Dot has the standard Epi thick gloss finish. Many people find the satin finish of the Studio is much easier to play on and resonates better.

Generally I think the Dot Studio is the better buy; I find it more playable with the same tone. The difference in body wood barely matters (laminate {ply} wood in semi-acoustics hardly effects tone at all - in a solid body or full acoustic mahogany and maple are polar opposites of tone, but on a semi-hollow with laminate construction it does sod-all) and for everything else I think the Dot Studio is superior. I tried both extensively and ended up buying the Dot Studio, so there you go.
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