This is a Rock song, which is supposed to be played by my band. It's influenced by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Trouble and Iggy Pop mainly..

I'm not really sure it's a good song, so i'm "asking for your guidance"!

It's on my profile:

I do C4C

PS: I know the quality is not great, but I did the best I could at home
I'm enjoying the overdrive you have on your guitar. Some vocals will help - the sound is good but I was a bit bored with just instrumental.

The section starting after ~4:00 min was great. Good solo, and rhythm track.
It's pretty good. I really like your tone, but the thing starts to get repetitive after a while. Vocals will help. I agree with the last guy about the solo and the 4 minute mark. The fast part was a much needed breath of fresh air.
Add vocals and you'll really have something here.

Also, thanks for critting mine. There is actually a bassline there, but it's midi and the patch I picked doesn't cut through all that well.
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Hey! Thank you for your opinion on my song. I know that one riff is a bit repetitive , but I'm counting on the real drummer and maybe some guitar harmonies to liven it up. I like your idea to have some more material before going back to the intro riff, too. Funny thing is that the riff was in the middle and then I copied it to the beginning... but it's a good idea to find some way to space them out or change them up more. Again, counting on the drummer/vocalist to help out a little bit there.

On to yours!

Your song has a nice driving feeling to it for sure! I feel like the progression moves a little slow for my tastes, but for a general rock audience you're spot on with building a strong foundation and working with it well.

Will there be vocals? That would help repetition issues further into the song, but the way the drums change things up while keeping the drive is nicely done.

In a live situation though... this is really well done I think. It hooks you really fast, and I can't see anyone disliking it.

Hope my opinion was of any use
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I think this is suppose to be a vocal focused song rite?? its just u dun have the equipment or the person to sing it for now... Im hoping u can come up with a good material for the vocal... as it can be either a great song or just down rite sloppy...

The music is classic... I love it... make sure u repost it when u got the vocal eh??

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I usually dont like standard rock that much, but this really pulled me in. It has a really tight fun riff right from the get go. The whole piece is well constructed. I like the solo fills you got in there. As others have said, some vocals would definently liven this bad boy up into a very good song. breakdown at 4 minutes was pretty cool. The solo right there is pretty slick, which leads right to the end. Man that was a lot better than I was expecting. truly a great rock song in the spirit of the classics.
guitar is amazing. very nice shuffle. what do you use for drums they sound good! i agree with the comment that it can get a bit monotonous. that said i like it. i think if you made the bass a little more interesting it would really come out. solos are really good you have a great bluesy sound.

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A little monotonous after a while, the guitar solo is pretty nice for a standard rock track! Also I like the overdriven tone, maybe add some more riffage and it would be less boring sometimes. Maybe it is just because there's no vox on the track. Also, try increasing the volumes on the leads a bit, that would definitely help! And the natural harmonics could stand to be a bit cleaner. I know I'm being picky. Sorry, haha.
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Overall it's a solid track and I like it ... Now the thing is you gotta ask yourself what type of track you want it too be ... If you're going for a solid song that's part of a setlist, that you guys can have fun with, then I would say you've achieved your job
However one thing that really irks me and it has something to do more with personal taste but the squeaky muted notes and double stops are really irritating .. I'd try my best to stay away from them
Other than that I would say make the breakdown a bit more lively and the solo at the end bigger in sound .. really use the drums to build the tension and possibly use it to crescendo or just liven things up .. if you get a great singer then i would just use it to liven things up and let him/her take things into overdrive