I have always wanted a iceman bass but never got one for some reason or another.I was on my local craigslist and found one that was like new with hard case for sale or trade for guitar amp.I offered him a Crate gl40xl that Iv'e had since new in 91 .He got back and said he was interested,he came over played it and took it home for the bass.The bass is like new very clean and plays great.It's made in korea and was built to look like the oldies,very happy with it.Seems to be built very good,neck binding,neck pocket everything seems top notch for such a cheap bass.I'm thrilled with it and thought I'd share my exitement.

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No idea if these threads are really allowed any more, but I like them and wish there were more of them.

Congrats on your new bass, it's not really my kinda thing, but isnt variety the spice of life or something? By the way, your first 2 picture links are the same
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Looks cool.

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I personally love the Iceman shape and that color is pretty nice.
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Wow, thats a lot of guitars....and amps! I like the posters too.

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