So I just found a crate blue voodoo 120 watt half stack for sale that I am thinking about getting. I was just wondering how good of an amp this is because I never really heard of them before.
My other guitarist in my band plays one. It's loud as hell and does metal easily. The only complaint I have is it seems to lack low end, and the head is REALLY big and heavy.
^+1 They're OK for metal, but they are pretty harsh sounding. Unless you want nasally, nasty thrash metal than I would look elsewhere.
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Unless its electronic drums.

They're an awesome amp for the price. i have no clue why they still go for so cheap.
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They're an awesome amp for the price. i have no clue why they still go for so cheap.


Add and OD pedal out front...and an EQ pedal in the effects loop and the amp really wakes up. You can't beat it if you play metal. Especially for what they go for used.
They usually go for next to nothing used. I liked mine, could get a pretty solid metal sound out of it.

Sold it because lack of versatility.

If the price is right, grab it!
This is my first post here in a looong time

I recently invested in a blue voodoo. Its the 50w (Despite being called 60) head with the big brass logo and blue tolex. I'd say go for it!! It seems to have more of a hard rock tone than a metal tone so don't think you'll be sounding anything like slipknot (thank god!)

I'm not sure if its my guitar, but the thing picks up a lot of noise. I will post here tomorrow once I've got my guitar shielded.
I just bought mine yesterday and I'm in love with it. Sounds Awesome!!!!!! I get an awesome old scool Rock/Heavy Metal Tone!! I say buy. The clean channel sounds great! The only thing I hate about it its how much it weights, but I can get over that.
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