I just finally got the money to upgrade from my practice amp to a ValveKing 212, and now I'm looking at getting a new guitar. The two guitars I'm looking at right now are the PRS SE Custom 22 for $389 or the Schecter 006 Deluxe for $200. I've currently got $180, so I could buy the 006 quickly enough.

I'm kind of leaning towards getting the PRS for the awesome clearance price, but I'm worried that it might be out of stock by the time I get another $200. I'm 16, and my farm job ended for the season, leaving me once again broke after buying the new amp.

My musical style varies quite a bit; my biggest musical influence is Muse, but I tend to lean towards their heavier stuff. I also play a fair amount of jazzy improv type stuff. I need a guitar good enough for some decent distortion, but nothing br00tal and facemelting.

I know that the better choice would be the PRS, but I'm pretty convinced it will sell out fast. I'll probably be replacing the pickups in the long run with a Fernandes sustainer in the neck and a Bare Knuckle Nailbomb in the bridge, so I'm not getting a guitar so much for the pickups. I mainly want something that's built good, stays in tune nicely, and all that.

The best choice would obviously be to wait to see if the PRS sells out before I have the money, but then again, I'm usually too impatient when it comes to music to make the better choice.

I ask for your halps UG: which should I get?
I just got back from guitar shopping, and I have to tell you that you REALLY need to get your hands on them first and play music that is focused to why you are buying it. For instance on Sunday I went out with the intention of buying a Fender, and left with an Epiphone Les Paul. So don't limit yourself to cost or looks, shoot for sound. If you need to wait a tad longer to save more money, then do it. Don't get caught up in "I need it now" bug. It will bite you in the rear sooner than you think.