So, about a year and a half ago now, I was robbed for the second time; that time being my very first bass stolen out of my car - an Ibanez Artcore, very thick warm beautiful sounding bass that used to compliment my more punk/metal sounding Ibanex SRX. Decided to write about the experience today, looking for some creative input. It's pretty short. Does anything think this is worth developing?

Somebody stole my inside voice,
So I'm talking through my pen.
Made one foolhardy choice,
At the mercy of wicked men.
Doomed to relive the same ordeal again.

Robbed of a tender verse.
As this car becomes my hearse.
Lost for words, but not for curses;
All to line their ****ing purses.

And I wonder if I'll ever play a soft note again.
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