Went to the guitar shop the other day and played one of these swiss made guitars (or something very similar) : Schertler site

Plugged in, it was AMAZING. You could shape the tone to exactly how you wanted. Unplugged however it didnt really do much for me. Although it seemed well built, there wasnt a lot of projection. However, the strings seemed rather old so maybe this contributed to the lack of sound quality. The body shape is a little weird to look at but i found it comfortable to play.

The shop assistant offered it to me for £800 (quite a heavily discounted price). Apparently they were keen to get rid of it cos it had been sitting around for ages. Just wandering if anyone has any experince with these guitars? The other guitar i was considering was the Martin 000-15 which I have yet to play... EVERYWHERE is sold out of them and ordering one in especially would mean paying a deposit... anyway, im a bit stuck... Any thoughts?
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