ive on this forum for awhile now, and read how much you guys in the US like Vader cabs, and have been rubbing it in our Europe faces

but i just got an newsletter email from Emperion guitars saying:

we're proud to announce that Emperion guitars will be the official European distributor of Vader cabinets, availabilty is set for March 2010. We're currently accepting pre-orders, dedicated web-page will be up soon.

THIS IS NOT ADVERTISING , im not spam , i just read this email and thought id let you guys ''in the know'' that we will be able to get these cabs .
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I thought you could before? I remember looking up prices in euros, from a vader offshoot or something based in Italy.

At any rate, hopefully they'll be reasonable prices. Ordered from Italy cost something like 800 sterling
Vader's are quite expensive, I would prefer if it was Avatar that started shipping to Europe
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