I've read the stickies and searched the net, and I still can't find a place to make a solid base for starting getting into recording.
I've got Audacity but I find it rather awkward for editing, can anyone suggest me any good sites/books/programs to start my recording journey?
I appreciate your help. Thanks.
I've never liked using Audacity as an editor. I only record with Audacity, and I do all the mixing and editing in a separate program. I use Mixcraft 4 for that. Works very well.
if you really want to get into recording and learn a lot about it, it would probably be worth investing a little money in a better DAW. there's only so much you can do with free software. i'm not too familiar with the cheaper ones, but i'm pretty sure there's a sticky about DAWs that could point you in the right direction.
Thanks so far guys.
Are there any books to read and get educated about recording hardware and software?

Also, I've heard Thom Yorke made his solo album by using just a laptop. Does anyone have any examples of what he might have used to produce and record his songs with?