hello UG, i am in need of help, i currently have a full bass stack which is ridiculously big and loud and i do not need it at all.

i actually know very little about amps but i need a small versatile amp for bedroom practice but of good quality.
it needs to play many different styles, as i like music from lamb of god to lady gaga, but preferably quite modern sounding, i have a fender precision bass if this helps.

i will be very grateful for any help or advice you can give, thanks in advance, Joe
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Ive got a really cheap peavey max 158, that sounds suprisingly good for 100$. actually sort of load too. not enough for gigging but loads if your by yourself. jammed with family with it on christmas over electric drums, an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar.
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markbass destroys shuttles, IMO.

if you like a bit of boom boom, the promethean from Ibanez is ok. very loose sounding and wide.
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