What is the best multi effects pedal!
I dispose of a maximum of 400 euros
so the boss gt10 is out of the picture, any ideas, I would like one that has a nice harmonizer and that is recording friendly.
You could get a gt 10 used if you were inclined on buying one of those. I personally owned one and returned it as I didn't like the amp models it offered. The effects however on them are great.

If you want great amp models I would choose the line 6 x3 live over the GT10 however it is all your own preference.
Line 6 M13. You can set up the synth as a harmonizer with the right settings.
Also, a TC Electronics G-Major has a harmonizer if you're ok with using a rack.
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all of the ones mentioned above are more expesnive than the gt10. I was thinking along the lines of the zoom g9.2tt or g7.1 or boss me 70 maybe vox tonelab or digitech rp500
vox tonelab

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