I have a Boss TU-2, an Ibanez TS7, and a no-name 9v power supply which works fine. I have a Budda Budwah which should be here tomorrow and I want to buy a daisy chain and run all of these pedals off of one 9v wall wart since my tuner has a power-out jack. Will this work? I know the Budwah is basically a Dunlop and I heard they have weird power jacks that might not fit a standard one? Any suggestions?
you get to types of power sockets on a pedal

one with the outside being the +ve contact and the other type with the -ve on the outside........boss, dunlop and vox and ibanez use +ve on the outside...you just need to make sure that what you are buying is the same. the symbol tells you which, look at the image below it`s showing +ve on the outside