I don't feel like it's finished, so any comments as to whether or not this is worth completing would be very helpful.


I'm digging a hole in my bed
without a second thought
and letting my hair fall out by the root
So time slows down to make sure I get the point.
My eyes fall down to make sure I see the point

But my eyelids still feel heavy
and the ceiling is holding them up
with invisible strings so I won't stop staring
right through the patterns on a faded blanket,
into the patterns of some tightening blanket.

It's too late to talk, my friend
Please just go back to bed
I couldn't bear to think of it all
as you wrap me up in what you've said

And the night noises have me worried
as they insist on telling me
about the age of some great freak
but it just seems worse and worse to me.
It just gets worse and worse for me.