I have several series of multiple TV shows on my computer, however, I'd prefer to see them on a bigger screen instead of my laptop. Most of the files are .avi or something similar. What format do I need to convert the files to so that a regular DVD player (or my Xbox 360) can play them?
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Just google your needs and there will be a software for it, seriously.
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Just google your needs and there will be a software for it, seriously.

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my dvd player, plays .avi
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If you put the shows on a usb memory stick you can just play them on your xbox.
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my dvd player, plays .avi

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Although this isn't what you asked, you could use windows media center on your Xbox to stream the shows from your PC to Xbox, if you can't do that then ConvertXtoDVD is what you need.
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Your laptop probably has video and audio out you can connect directly to your TV, my girlfriends laptop has a handy HDMI out so you get video and audio out of one handy cable.

Btw, if you're talking about ~350mb rips you got from torrents they'll look fairly shitty on a big tv.