Which type of slide would be better for acoustic guitar?

Ive seen more metal ones for electric, and more glass for acoustic, but I have no idea.
go to the acoustic guitar forum. they'll definitely be able to help you more.

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Just different sounds... Try out a few and decide. Generally the metal ones are more twangy and the glass are a bit more rounded sounding.
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Metal - probably cheaper anyway. Glass one may break if you dropped it by accident. Never seen anyone use a glass either.
i'd go for glass

i have a metal one that i use for my acoustic, and i get a load of unintended noise but then again i'm not great at slide guitar
Depends...most of the thinner metal ones give too tinny a tone, glass or porcelain will be a lot smoother and fuller. Then again, there are the tone bars used for proper lap steel which ring for days and get a great tone, but you hold them much differently than you would a regular slide.

Generally though, for acoustic, I'd recommend glass.
Make one like all the bluesy folk do!

I think it just involves a bottle, a hacksaw and a file!


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I like glass for electric, and a metal bar (like a pedal steel) for acoustic. Although every good bar guitarist should be able to do some tricks with the neck of a beer bottle too.
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