Hi Guys,

I'm thinking about getting a new amp for bedroom practise mainly but something loud enough for small gigs, say a venue of maybe only 50 people. I'm just not sure what!
I want an amp with great tone and response so i guess that'll probably be a tube amp, i play mainly blues but play a bit of rock every now and again. I'm not sure whether i should go for a seperate head and cab or stick with a combo?? Also i don't really want to spend more than about £300.

Any suggestions / comments would be appreciated!
you won't get any stack worth bothering with for under £300

for about £350 you can get a fender blues junior or epi blues custom which would fit the bill nicely.

You could also go for a good quality 5w combo of some sort. I'll let others recommend them though, not my field
a fender superchamp xd might be worth a look, it's a small modeler that is tube powered but specialises in blues and rock and has a metal chanel, it's 15watts of tube power so it'll be loud enough for what you want, if not just hook it up to a pa system
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Vox Valvetronix, tube pre-amp, 11 amp models, good effects and couple of save channels...adjutable power section.

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are you willing to go slightly higher? the valvepower 18 watter is frickin' awesome for £300 (plus £15 postage or so), but you'd need a cab as well. You can normally pick up a decent 1x12 for under £100 (there's a harley benton one on thomann which looks suspiciously like the valve junior cab, and if it's the same, that'd work, it's about £60). if you're willing to go second-hand, you could probably even get a cheaper cab.


that's assuming that you're after british/vintage marshall tones. if you're after more fendery tones for blues, then that wouldn't be the way to go, at all.
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