So Pit, for most of us here who still attend school, it is currently our winter break, and the question I pose to you is...

What have you done so far during your break? Some people choose to be productive, some just laze around all day, I want to hear what you've done.

I personally have house sat for my Aunt, and had swim practice.


{Also, I used searchbar and nothing relative came up}
Forget your cell phone man, it won't work here.
Im not on break, but it hasn't stopped me from living the dream of masturbating 6 times a day.
i started out with playing a gig where i was totally wasted and now i just go out with my girlfriend every other day and go to the bar with my mates.

it's been a good winter break so far
Played guitar
In the process of reading "The Tenth Circle"
Went to a party
Watched "The Hangover"
Played twister
Made a snow angel in 5 degree weather for 15 seconds with nothing but boxers on for 7 dollars
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.... ive been on the pit........

i also chill with my buds a lot









Fap, drink, music.
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spendin' xmas loot on new tuneage. and toked a lot.
I've got the spirit, but lose the feeling.
been chillin with friends. worked out, chilled in the pit. told some girl i'm over her, followed by a **** you. watched the hangover, play ping pong, played beer pong. Productive...I think so
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Chillin' with the girlfriend everyday and catching up a lot of sleep, bro.
That's about it.
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went to a local fest
went to a jazz concert
went to band rehearsal
went on vacation for 5 days
and now i've been on the pit for like 4 days
My friends and I have recreated the Battle of Hoth in the snow covered field by my house. We don't have laser rifles, but an automatic airsoft FAMAS works wonders.
Decided to go back to work as they needed more people for the holiday hours. Extra $120 a week! wooooooooaa! lol
Mostly just TV, guitar and Pit. Hanging out with the homies a bit, quite a lot more planned before I go back to uni
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Forget your cell phone man, it won't work here.
I've played Skate 2, watched all of Freaks and Geeks, and I've played a shitload of guitar.
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