It's "Prog Groove" in my profile.

I mainly recorded this practice to keep my mixing/recording skills, but it's the latest song I've been working on.

The drums and bass are from samples, but arranged by me. They mainly just follow the guitar though, nothing too creative.

The guitar was recorded through my Demonizer into my interface, and then everything was mixed by me.

Expect a finished version sometime soon, and I will return the favor of comments/critique.
My Gear:
Paul Reed Smith SE Paul Allender
Laney GH100L Head
Behringer Cab
Damage Control Demonizer Distortion/Preamp

It sounded epic! That's cool.

I liked the riff at 0:43, and how you got to it.
The next riff is cool too, but maybe repeated too many times? I don't know.. :p

I think you need to add alot more things before getting back to the intro riff (1:22)
Maybe you could also have used a thrash metal riff in some parts, it would have bumped, and boosted it up a little bit!

Yeah the drums and bass aren't great, but the rhytm on the guitar is good, and with a whole band it would have sounded freaking epic !

So yeah I know my critique is kinda lame, but would you mind checking my song?
The riffs are really cool, all the different chords and intervals work really well together throughout the whole thing! Maybe the timing could be a little tighter on the guitars, but overall the whole thing is well written. The drums yeah, could have a better sound and placement, but for the most part really worked! I like what it goes into at 0:42, that's a great contrast in the riffing. Good job, keep on it!

Crit my prog? "Grave" is the title, thanks!