I am planning doing a strat rebuild. And I have a question according to the wiring:
I think I want to wire it HxS so a humbucker in the bridge and only one single coil in the neck. But my question is: is it possible to have to humbucker function as a single bridge and a single middle pickup? So actually having 2 coiltaps on it. And if it's possible what would the wiring scheme look like?
OK I guess no need to draw any diagram… all you gotta do is get a standard wiring diagram of a strat! take the first conductor wires of the humbucker and hook it to the bridge and the second conductor wires to the middle and the single coil to the neck this way
This way you get these settings
1st pos: bridge coil (coiltap of the part of the humbucker near to the bridge)
2nd pos: full humbucker
3rd pos: middle coil (the other coil of the bucker)
4th pos: middle coil+neck
5th pos: neck single coil

The only minor is that you cant use the humbucker plus singlecoil but for me it's not my fav position really..
You can still add a pushpull knob to have that option to… I ma think bout it

PS just be careful so you don’t mess up the conductors with the neck/middle position so the switch will show which part of the bucker is tapped
Would the Seymour duncan invader be a good one to do that? Or will it sound like total sh*t? I was also looking at the SD sh-6 tell me what you think.

Thanks for spending time to think that out!!