I'm new to the website and admittedly its been extremely helpful! I congradulate all of you that take time to post here. Being new to the Guitar. I purchased 2 with amps, I firgured it would be great way for my daughter (7 yrs) and I to spend quality time together learning something new. My motivation for this is obviously the time we spend together and the fact that music courses are non-exsistant in the school system. She loves the lessons and picks up quickly, all of the instruction. However, once the lesson is over so is the practicing. I'd like to hear ideas that have worked for others.

I don't want to force the idea of practice, That probably only leave me learning the guitar on my own.

maybe more frequent lessons, or maybe she just isnt old enough to enjoy it yet, that seems really young.
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I obviously don't have a kid, so I'm just guessing what might work, but you could try seeing what exactly it is that she would like to play. More often than not, the strongest motivation is being able to play the songs of your idols/favorite musicians etc.

Also, theory might bore her, I don't know what your lessons are like, but try and focus on actual playing, she has plenty of time to learn theory once she's strongly motivated.

Hope things turn out good


maybe more frequent lessons, or maybe she just isnt old enough to enjoy it yet, that seems really young.

No. You don't want to push her. Three months into studying guitar with a teacher, I quit because I felt I was being rushed. It took me another half a year to pick up the guitar again.
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I thought about rewarding her with a gift after each chapter and then after our instructor signed off, with a chapter well learned. But that would probably get rather expensive. I'm definitily going to attempt to locate music for her that she can learn in just a few hours of practice. Thanks for the input.

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