Hi all, first off my gear is in my sig and I am using a Presonus Audiobox and Shure SM57 to record with, and I am using Cubase LE4 as the interface.

I have recorded a couple of songs, and I can get a really cool metal lead tone with everything, however I can't seem to get a nice thick crunch (think Machine Head) on the rhythm. This is the first proper audio interface I have ever had (got it all for christmas) so I am a bit of a noob when it comes to tinkering with the software EQ and mic placement etc.

Anyone got any ideas?
rightt ok
a few things straight away that hit me is
really quite a fizzy distortion ( that wall of sounds should be coming from a few well played takes) not one or two overly distorted guitars
also the distorted guitars kicked in and they were quieter than your clean bits thats going to suck the impact out, you'll want the clean quieter and the distorted parts louder , so basically swap there volumes
How are you micing the amp ie where are you placing the microphone, are you using some sort of overdrive to boost the amp, if so what overdrive? We need to find the problem before we give the solution here.
I am using a Shure SM57 and I have it placed about 5-10cm away and directly in front of one speaker of the amp. Here are my settings if it helps...


Gain: 6
Bass: 7
Mids: 6
Treble: 5
Resonance: 9
Presence: 8

Bad Monkey OD:

Level: 10
Low: 10
High: 8
Gain: 0

GE-7 EQ:

So your micing from the center of the speaker? The positioning sounds right, as always with metal rhythm 3 inches from the grill at the center of the speaker.

Something sounds seriously wrong there, there's no body to that tone just fizz, I'd suggest you start from the top by taking away all the pedals, recording again and then adding them both in one at a time to find the problem, cos something is sucking out all your mids and bass. It might just be your amp but I doubt it, I've got much better tones than this with lower end Peavey amps before.
take out the vk mods when you are recording use less gain and make more guitar takes.
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Valvekings FTW! That is so strange that's your tone with this amp, I get a great tone from this amp just using the preamp and impulses. The amps distortion plain sucks, I wouldn't use it for metal. The best way to get a metal tone from the Valveking without having to mod the hell out of it is to use a distortion pedal on the clean channel. I've found that the Boss Ds-1 works fairly well on the VK. Its a $40 pedal, so it wont hurt to try it.

But your tone has no mids whatsoever. I'm leaning on blaming your EQ pedal, you have it EQ funny, take it out of the chain and I bet you will get your mids back.
you could try
sticking the mic riht up to the grille (touching) and then you will get a lot more bass (usually unwanted) and you can remove this with a high pass at around 100-120Hz
Quote by ethan_hanus
But your tone has no mids whatsoever. I'm leaning on blaming your EQ pedal, you have it EQ funny, take it out of the chain and I bet you will get your mids back.

That was my first though. The EQ pedal just doesnt look like it is being useful while set like that. Honestly, same thing with the BM. The monkey is a mid-y pedal, but when you crank the two tone knobs, thats just asking for trouble.

I would suggest taking the EQ out of the chain to start. It honestly isnt doing anything for your rhythm tone set like that. I would also take out the BM, or at least set it very differently. Personally, I would suggest gain on like 2, level to taste, and then bass and treble closer to 6 and 5 respectively.
Maybe move the mic off the centre of the cone a little, I always find the best position for metal to be right at the edge of the central domed part of the speaker. Also, as jof said, the pedals in the way that they are currently set don't appear to be serving a useful purpose, so try doing a few takes without them - also, dial off your gain a little, many people don't realise that when recording you don't need anywhere near as much gain as you would use playing live.
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