So, I've started trying sweep arpeggios and seem to be stuck. I've been using this: http://www.guitarology.com/arpeggios/arpeggio01.php#top as a guide (But I use I III V, without the seventh) I have the basic form of the 6-string sweep down, and I'm not sure if I need to learn the modes of this (ie. start in C and move to E then G, all of them having different patters). It seems like this would be the right thing to do, but everywhere I've looked they only show one pattern for an arpeggio, with no modes. I guess my question is, am I right to do this? -- or is it pointless to spend time learning the different modes?

Thanks for the help!
Roman numerals are used for chords (eg ii - V7 - I). Regular Arabic numbers are used for chord tones (eg 1 3 5 b7).

Modes are rearrangments of scales (eg C Ionian [C D E F G A B] to D Dorian [D E F G A B C]). Inversions are rearrangments of chords (eg C E G to E G C).
Sorry, I did know that. >.<

I couldn't think of what they were called for chords, so I just used modes. lol