My girlfriend bought a bass last week, it's her first instrument ever. It's an S101 JHM33.

I never heared of the brand S101 before so I was wondering if anyone here had some experience with any of their guitars and would like to share their opinion.

I'm a lefty and she's righthanded so I couldn't play much on her guitar but my first impression was pretty decent.
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i had one, didn't like it.

I'm sure it's not that good compared to high quality expensive basses. But how would you rate it as a beginner bass?
I've got an S101.


It's ok. If you're just starting. I've been playing bass now for about 4 or 5 years. I bought it used and it still works alright. I suggest though, in the future, if she sticks with it, to get a new bass, S101. I should tell myself that as well...
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From the picture, it looks like a perfectly serviceable bass. It isn't an American Fender, but it isn't meant to be. Enjoy it.
I have an S101 guitar. For the price I paid ($100) its amazing quality. Compared to a lot of higher end guitars of course its going to be less than perfect, but Ive been playing mine for over a year and the only problem I have is the tuners. They dont hold up like other guitar tuners, but thats an easy fix. Overall, Id say that S101 guitars are an outstanding value.
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I was actually playing on an s101 les paul thing lastnight. It seemed to be pretty good, but I was playing with out a pick through a 15watt pawnshop special of an amp. Ao its really hard to give it a real thorough evaluation.
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I bought JHM33 4 years ago for $149 in the US. I would say that it's almost perfect sound for such a price. I've never heard of this brand before, but I really liked this P-J bass. We don't have S101 in Russia at all.