Hello, i am looking at buying some recording software, i want to be able to play all genres of music from electronica to classical to metal ect, i will also be using guitar/bass straight into my computer so i will need amp modeling/ effect software for that i have seen propellerheads reason/resord software, are these any good? I would also like to be able to add more sounds/ plugins at a later date would i be able to so this with reason/record? I would also need a drum machine built in. My budget is about £250-£400 many thanks.
New Gear Fund £155/£???
Reason and Record are awesome. The interface is really easy to use and you'll be able to make some quality music.
I am verrrry leery about using Propellerhead's Record.

My reasons being:

1. It JUST came out, there are going to be bugs that have the be worked out. Ableton is on version 8 and there are still some pretty big bugs.

2. In order to use it you HAVE to either have a USB key in your computer, or have a CONSTANT internet connection (if it drops the program will resort to demo mode)

3. It has no VST/AU/RST support which makes it completely useless for me (and you seeing as how you said you want to add plugins later)

4. For the price of getting Reason and Record you could get a serious, real DAW like Logic Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools LE, or Digital Performer.

I have personal experience with Ableton, DP, Logic, and Pro Tools; if you have a Mac I would recommend Logic.
The new Logic 9 is really sweet, it supports basically everything, for me it has the quickest workflow, I like the interface (for the most part), and i've had no problems with it.

For Windows...Pro Tools, DP, Cubase or Ableton are going to be your best bet. I don't have any experience with recording software on Windows other then Adobe Audition and I wouldn't recommend that.