*jaw drops*

that first song was really nice, good job. i'd love to hear these recorded! especially that lead!

are you looking for in depth crit, or are you just showing off? 'cause i'd be happy for either, and get back to you if there's anything i felt was amiss
well the music is great but if you want some criticisms...
1) stop using repeats. if you're gonna have 4 bars repeated at least mix the drums up a little and/or add bass fills and stuff, at times i got bored. just in general make the drum parts more interesting actually.
2) stop using straight quavers all the way through, it gets dull
3) your lead parts are great but there's too many of them, everything is lead (not like shredding lead obviously, but i still think theyre lead parts), there are next to know chords. when there were chords it made a nice change.
4) the clean/distortion switches got predictable.
5) the key parts seem to just copy the guitar in a lot of songs which isnt that interesting.
6) all of the songs sounded kinda similar due to the 5 points ive already made.

Honestly i struggled to find problems with your songs. the first song was ****ing amazing, the delay part at the end was epic.
The next 4 songs were all good but not great, none really stood out.
Now the last song, i ****ing loved up to 25, i then hated from there til 61 and from 61 onwards was bliss, it was like the heaven of music. great work. that was one groovey ****ing riff at 61.
anyway good work, hope my criticism helps.
Pretty many songs huh oO.
Ok I start from the first one. Fantastic, really great work, I loved delay end!
Second one wasn't that amazing, not really cool. Too happy.
Third is as boring as second one. I liked bass. Outro was cool too.
4th song: I didn't really like acoustic guitar. It kinda ruined the song.
5th song: I liked it. Distrotion fitted actually pretty well. Pretty professional solo.
Last one: It was very popish. I liked intro with clean instruments, but with distrotion it felt too poppy. SWIING part was very groovy. Again very professional solo, awesome work.

Feel free to crit mine oO.