Hey guys,

I would like to start off by saying that I know there is a tabs for beginners thread, but I would like to find something a little more specific.

I got an electric guitar for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. I can play a few riffs, the intro to All Nightmare Long, Seven Nation army, Iron man and I am close to being able to play the intro for Raining blood.
But I am having alot of trouble with chords. Is there any good beginner songs where the notes are played on one string? Like seven nation army, or Raining Blood?

if you don't like to do something that's a little hard then you shouldn't be trying to play guitar.
Ok, I'll rephrase it, are there any songs that are played 1 string at a time, or have simple chords, to help me improve them?
I can't really recommend anything specific, but if you're having trouble with chords, you just need to keep at them and keep playing them. Try playing a lot of songs with chord progressions or song that are all chords, again nothing specific I can say, sorry, but you need to keep at it in order to get better at it. You can't just run into a problem in playing and run away from it, you have to keep at it.
Practice will help you gain skill. Just focus on your chords. Don't try finding something else to play just because you're having trouble currently with chords. You're going to need them later when you're more skilled.
So my advice: Just keep practicing. You'll get it.
try iron man by black sabbath, smoke on the water or molly's chambers by kings of leon.

But its important to practise chords, they help build finger strength.
Ok thanks,
Green day seem to have alot of chord progressions, and they are defiantly a good band so will look at them, any recommendations?
For Green Day, Hitchin' a ride is basic up and down the neck power chords on the 6th string. Know your enemy is basically the same with a few muted noted in there and once you've done them try American idiot, it's easy but harder than the other two because it moves on to different strings.

However, they're all power chord progressions so no major chord shape changes are needed unless if there is an open power chord which is simply just taking one finger off the lower string.
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