dude, get Mbox 2 by Digidesign. They have packages that come with a condeser mic, stand, monitors and best of all it comes with ProTools

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I'd say you're good to go. The pre-amps that are built-in the Line6 UX2 are decent, so you won't need an external pre-amp.
I would honestly buy a different mic. The MXL 990s are shitty vocal mics
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I don't recommend M-Audio monitors. The mic looks decent but i've heard the Studiophile monitors can be a bit dodgy. The best bet would be to save a bit more and get some second-hand Event monitors, or something like this:


I also recommend an M-Box or something for recording, they're a good solid interface and they're compatible with Pro Tools, which is good to know.

I use an M-Audio Fast-Track USB because i only need to record myself, so it only set me back about $170 AUD, and then I used Pro Tools for a while. The only problem is it's not compatible with Windows 7 and i can't afford to upgrade right now, so i'm using Reaper at the moment.

Pro Tools has a set way of doing things - not a very flexible workflow, but it is the industry standard and it pays to have some knowledge of it. Reaper is good because it's pretty versatile - you'll find that with other DAW's such as Sonar and Cubase etc.

I recommend you save your money for a couple more months. Buy a decent condenser mic, and maybe a Shure SM58 or SM57 for vocals/instrument mic'ing. They're a very good all-round mic. Get the 57 if you're going to be mainly micing amps, but if you'd use it for some live stuff too get the 58.

Try and read some reviews of monitors and talk to some other people in the industry - there's some really good home recording forums that will help you out. The idea is that you're looking to buy monitors that you can use for a looong time to come, so spend another few hundred now, it will pay off in the long run.
Please, PLEASE don't use Audacity for anything. It's not a DAW, and it's an all around terrible program for creating decent quality recordings. Reaper is a good choice.
Quote by CRplaysguitar
dude, get Mbox 2 by Digidesign. They have packages that come with a condeser mic, stand, monitors and best of all it comes with ProTools

Does the Mbox mini support other software besides Pro tools, I'm kind of familiar with Sonar?

Also I heard that Pro tools requires very fast computers. My PC has 2 GB of ram and the processor is a pentium 4, I think.

Is that enough for Pro tools?
With the Line6 though you are getting Pod Farm as well in the price. It depends more on what you want. Do you want PodFarm and the amp-sim abilities of it, or do you want a copy of protools. They both come with the same mic, the speakers probably aren't far off. The Mbox has ASIO drivers which means it will work with any DAW out there that supports ASIO which is most of them.
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