i am running windows 7 through my imac using vmware fusion, i installed adobe audition on windows but i seem to be having troubles with the impute of sound... i figured it was a problem with vmware so i went to the sound settings witch directed me to macs settings, i selected the external impute so that i could record from the aux of my guitar amp, this works fine with my recording programs on mac, but if i go into audition and arm a track an error pops up saying i should select an ASIO device for my sound, i also noticed that under windows 7's settings i can not select the proper impute for recording, it ses that it is unavailable so i must use the internal microphone instead of the impute of the computer... i am not sure how to fix this problem, my main goal is to play guitar through my amp and feed it through my computer and use the computer monitors as my speakers. it works fine with mac but i can't get it to work with windows 7. thank you for any advice you can give me on this..