Ive been looking around for a new guitar for ages ive narrowed it down to 4
Epiphone Dot
Epiphone SG
Squier Tele Custom with duncan p-90s
Squier Jagmaster
Im looking to be able to play any type of rock with it

So please please help me choose!!

Amp: Drive 120 watt dsp
go for the sg if its a 400 or a 310 your good just avoid the specials and the customs. if ur budget wise go second hand but go new if u can afford it i have a 310 and its a dream to play its indonesian same as the high end epi gats. if u play up the neck go for the 400 as it has a set neck
you already made a thrad about this. no need to make a second.
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Go with the dot. Hollowbodies are very versatile and will handle rockvery well. They can also handle jazz and blues in case you decide to make a change in the future. The only thing they can't handle is metal.
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