Hey, currently i own a peavey valveking 112 but i think it lacks a bit of guts on the gain channel.

I'm considering buying a pedal bue i can't decide between a distortion pedal and a OD pedal.

On the dist. pedal side, i'm considering the hardwire tl-2 metal distortion and on the OD side i'm considering the Bad Monkey. Keeping in mind that i'm not willing to spend more than 100€.

BTW, i've done de jack and cable in the effects loop mods.

Thanks in advance.
Just get the Bad Monkey, the distortion pedal is not neccessary.
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Bad Monkey, you can use it to boost your amp into metal territory.
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Yeah, I'd just get an OD as well. My favorite OD is the MXR Wylde Overdive, but the Bad Monkey and Fulltone OCD are good also.


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