So I have a DOD FX80 compressor that sounds bad and doesn't really do anything that helps my tone, so I'm deciding to take it apart for parts. It has film caps on it that say "102K 100V", "103K 100V", "104K 100V", and "473K 100V". What are those measurements in, uf, pf, nf, or something-or-rather-f? Thanks!
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capacitor codes have the first two numbers as significant figues, the third number is the multiplier, and the fourth letter is its tolerance.

so for example a 102K capacitor will have a 10e^2 picofarads (pf) capacitance.
for example,

103 = 10000pf or 10nf
102 = 1000pf or 1nf
473 = 47000pf or 47nf

100V = 100volts working voltage (don't exceed this across the device).
Tolorance plus/minus:
J 5%, K 10%, M20%
*don't exceed 100v peak. for AC stuff, multiply the RMS voltage by 1.41. voltage ratings of caps are always the peak values. to get the maximum RMS voltage you can put on that cap, multiply the voltage rating on it by .707

So 100v AC is actually 141v. A 100v cap would not work for that situation.