hey guys, I know this is supposed to go in the gaming thread, but I can't find it, and I hear it doesn;'t help anyways.

I have completed the Shuri Castle Mission on Regular Difficulty and No video or credits came up. I've checked on Google and there is a lot of debate over the subject.Some people say its not the last mission, Some Say it is.And some also say you get Nazi Zombies afterwards, but I Haven't experienceed it. Do I need to beat the game on veteran difficulty(beat Shuri Castle) to get Nazi Zombies? or is there no nazi Zombies on Ps2.

Thanks Guys

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go to the mission select and you should find the nazi zombie mission after the end game mission, the nazi zombie mission is gard i only got to level 7
I was just playing this earlier today with my friend, except the next-gen version on 360. Nazi Zombies is pretty damn fun, although it gets really boring quite quickly if you can't get enough of the higher levels, as I often couldn't.
The downloadable content really helps make things more fun.
I don't think it's on the PS2 version.

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